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Source: Netflix

Who's in the Cast of 'Wu Assassins,' Netflix's Trippy Martial Arts Series?


If you're a fan of over-the-top martial arts action that's high on cheese and equally high on excellent combat choreography, then Wu Assassins is the show for you. Featuring wonderfully corny CGI and a ridiculous premise: the show spans thousands of years and channels the spirits of ancient warriors.

What's also interesting about the program is that it features one of the largest Asian-American casts of any U.S.-produced TV show.

So who's in the cast of the new Netflix series? It features a lot of faces you've probably seen before and a few you haven't.

Meet the talented Wu Assassins cast.

Let's start with the show's lead: Iko Uwais. He plays Kai Jin, the unassuming chef who magically inherits the Wu Assassin powers that makes him a certifiable badass capable of taking on the Triad mob. The Indonesian actor made waves when director Gareth Evans selected him in Merantau