No, 18-Year-Old K-Pop Idol Yoon Hyunsuk Does *Not* Have a Son

After a recent TikTok video went viral, people are wondering whether CIX member Yoon Hyunsuk has a son. Here’s what we know about the K-pop star.

Abi Travis - Author

Apr. 27 2020, Updated 4:33 p.m. ET

yoon hyunsuk son
Source: Instagram

New day, new K-pop drama alert! After a recent TikTok video went viral, people are speculating about CIX member Yoon Hyunsuk — namely, people are saying that the 18-year-old K-pop star is a single father of a young child. But wait! The rumors are not true! Here’s what we found out.

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Does CIX member Yoon Hyunsuk have a son?

TikTok user @mari4president recently posted a video where she “revealed” that she had just discovered there’s a K-pop idol who is 18 and a single father. “His name is Hyunsuk and he’s a member of CIX,” she wrote. “And he’s cute and tall too.” OK, back up a second. There are some things that need some clarification here.

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Yes, Hyunsuk is a member of CIX. He was one of the South Korean band’s founding members (C9 Entertainment initially formed the group in 2019). And yes, Hyunsuk does appear to be quite tall. But the little kid in the photos @mari4president posted? Not his son!

That cute little boy is HyunYul, Hyunsuk’s little brother! Hyunsuk has three siblings and at 5 years old, HyunYul is the youngest of the family. CIX stans may remember HyunYul from his appearance in Hyunsuk’s vlog on CIX’s official YouTube channel from back in January. In the video, Hyunsuk shared footage of him and his family (including little HyunYul) going to an aquarium.  HyunYul pretty much stole the show, and for good reason. Look at this adorable kid:

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yoon hyunsuk son cix
Source: YouTube

So cute, right? After visiting the aquarium, Hyunsuk and his siblings appear to visit a caricature artist as part of the vlog as well. Quite the eventful day, no? The comment section of the YouTube video is filled with people talking about how cute HyunYul is. And again, we totally get it.

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If you didn’t happen to catch the vlog, you may have seen HyunYul in a selfie of Hyunsuk on the official CIX Instagram page that was posted back in December of 2019. In the photo, Hyunsuk is posing with HyunYul sitting on his lap — and HyunYul is wearing the same adorable rabbit hoodie. Honestly, he should probably just wear that every day, right? It’s so stinking cute!

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So, yeah, HyunYul — the adorable kid who appears in vlogs and photos with Hyunsuk — is not Hyunsuk’s son. Although he’s obviously a big part of Hyunsuk’s life! The comment section of @mari4president’s TikTok video seems to be pretty split between people being shocked at the news that 18-year-old Hyunsuk is a dad, and people clarifying that actually, he isn’t.

It’s not quite clear whether @mari4president actually thought Hyunsuk is a single dad, or if she was maybe just trying to make a funny video go viral. We’re guessing she definitely learned the truth after her video got popular, though! Either way, it doesn’t seem as though any harm has been done, and we can all rest assured that there aren’t any secret kids that the members of CIX have been hiding from all of us. Whew!

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