Where Did the 'You Crazy Girl' TikTok Trend Come From — and Why Is it so Viral?

The “You Crazy Girl" sound on TikTok has allowed users to create tons of fun, hilarious, and silly videos. Where did the sound come from?

Stephanie Harper - Author

May 12 2022, Published 2:43 p.m. ET

The latest viral TikTok trend to try comes from the “You Crazy Girl" sound. Thousands of people have been uploading their version of this trend to the popular video-sharing app, and it’s been hilarious to see how the sound relates to so many different people and scenarios.

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Plenty of users are sharing their "crazy girl" moments, ranging from venting to your parents all the way to trying new fast food hacks. So, where exactly did the sound come from, how are people using it, and why did it become so viral on TikTok? Here’s some insight.

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Where did the “Wow. Crazy. You Crazy Girl” trend on TikTok come from?

The original sound being used for this popular TikTok trend came from a woman named Maggie Stetson on March 31, 2022. According to Daily Dot, Maggie stitched a video with another woman named Nicole Elizabeth who showed off the way she eats her Taco Bell in her car. She dipped her chicken burrito into the nacho cheese that was intended for her nacho fries.

Maggie responded in the stitch by saying, “Wow. Crazy. You crazy girl." It turns out Maggie's words of sarcastic shock and quiet surprise can translate in many different ways in so many different videos. If you’re trying to make a joke about something other people might find a little edgy or weird, this trending sound is absolutely perfect to use.

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There are countless funny “You Crazy Girl” TikTok videos to scroll through.

A lot of people have hopped on the bandwagon with this trend using the sound in vastly different ways. One user by the name of @mattysirois used the trending sound with a text block over his video that says, “When you call mom to complain about your life, but she just ends up complaining about hers."

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In other words, he’s not too interested in hearing his mother complain about her own issues since he really wanted to be able to vent to her. Since he’s beyond bored from hearing his mom's complaints, his response is as lackluster as the trending sound. Another TikToker by the name of @jenonajetplane used the trending sound during a visit to the original Starbucks located in Seattle.

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She added the text block over her video that says, “When you realize people wait 2+ hours to go into the original Starbucks in Seattle and buy the same coffee they could’ve gotten with no wait a few blocks away.”

Another TikToker by the name of @ashleyymarie.ca used the trending sound to act as though she was shocked by her own behavior when she canceled a date she was never interested in going on.

The text box she added says, “POV: you just made plans you know you’re going to cancel to watch Netflix alone in bed.” For some people, it’s easier to make plans in the moment and simply cancel them later on, rather than to reject the plans upfront. These are just a few examples of many super relatable and hilarious TikTok videos following the “Wow. Crazy. You Crazy Girl” trend. It will likely be a viral sensation for a while!

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