This 'Young Sheldon' Fan Caught an Error That Has 'Big Bang Theory' Fans All Worked Up

An eagle-eyed Redditor believes they've found a pretty damning continuity error in 'Young Sheldon' that fans of the show can't let go of.

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Apr. 8 2021, Updated 1:23 p.m. ET

Young Sheldon
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There are some long-running TV shows that get a lot of hate. Take Grey's Anatomy, for example. After some 7,000 seasons, viewers have seen bombs being placed in patient bodies, plane crashes, and tons of in-hospital, doctor / doctor hanky panky. 

People love to dunk on the series, yet it persists. The same goes for Young Sheldon and Big Bang Theory, where even fans of the shows love to point out its failings and make them public. A Redditor's highlighting of a continuity error in Young Sheldon has sent the internet into a tizzy.

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Is the origin of Sheldon's whistle really a continuity error?

If you've ever watched The Big Bang Theory, then you may be familiar with Sheldon's (played by Jim Parsons) safety whistle, which he keeps in his backpack.

In The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon explains he has several items in his bag that he keeps "just in case." They include a handheld mirror "to avoid pervs," a poster that says "occupied" in multiple languages, and a safety whistle. A whistle that was given to him by Amy (played by Mayim Bialik).

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young sheldon continuity error
Source: CBS

However, one Redditor pointed out that in Season 3, Episode 10 of Young Sheldon, the comedy that follows the misadventures of the young brainy character, he, too, showcases his backpack's contents, which includes "earplugs to drown out the crowd noise, wetnaps to wipe down escalator hand rails, a compass, a map of the mall, and a whistle in case [I] get lost or get approached by a woman holding a perfume bottle."

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In the episode, Sheldon pretends to be sick so he can go to the mall with his friends, Missy and Paige. But that's not the issue that MuzzafrAbd pointed out in their Reddit post.

They were more concerned with the fact that this scene suggests the safety whistle the young Sheldon is showing off contradicts the idea that Amy gave him said whistle, as the show takes place long before he ever met Amy.

young sheldon continuity error
Source: Reddit
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Now of course we can add fiction to fiction and say, well, maybe he lost the whistle at some point and Amy got him another whistle to replace the one that he had misplaced.

And there are other commenters who said as much in response to the post.

However, there were other Redditors who noticed other "continuity errors" in the show as well.

User Skribsbb wrote the following about Young Sheldon:

  • "His Dad looks startlingly like Leonard's high school bully.
  • "He and Missy share a room (Missy said in TBBT that he built a robot to keep her out of his room).
  • "The destruction of his parents' marriage and his father's infidelity — it may be that it hasn't happened, but we haven't seen anything to suggest it would.
  • "Meemaw is completely different in TBBT (except for the drinking)..
  • "Sheldon reads a book in YS (How to Win Friends and Influence People) that he's unfamiliar within TBBT."
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Then there were these added bits:

  • "His Dad was a raging alcoholic according to TBBT, but he just likes to drink a bit in YS.
  • "He claimed to be bullied a lot, and while we've seen people picking on him, it's not been the constant torture. Most people just want him to go away and leave them alone."
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Then there are actual continuity errors in the show that don't necessarily relate to The Big Bang Theory, but they're things that viewers pointed out nonetheless. Like when Missy puts a paper in a basket at one point in a conversation with Sheldon when they're seated at a table. Then, further along in their discussion, the paper's missing from the basket.

These kind of continuity errors are commonplace in films and sitcoms, heck, even in Oscar best picture winning films, so we can't judge too harshly. 

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