Get Ready for a New 'Yu-Gi-Oh!' Anime and Manga — Here's When They Will Be Released

Kori Williams - Author

Mar. 22 2022, Published 3:44 p.m. ET

One classic anime series from the early 2000s is Yu-Gi-Oh!. It started as a manga in the 1990s and is all about a character named Yugi Mutou. He solves the mystical Millennium Puzzle and this causes him to unknowingly unleash and share his body with the spirit of Dark Yugi (aka the spirit of the ancient Egyptian pharaoh Atem who was trapped in the puzzle). This being takes control of his body when he's challenged in a duel.

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Over the years, Yu-Gi-Oh! has gained a huge fanbase between the manga, anime, and card game. The original manga ended in 2004, but now, the series is coming back with a brand new manga spinoff.

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The new 'Yu-Gi-Oh!' manga series has a different focus from other spinoffs.

According to CBR, the new Yu-Gi-Oh! manga will begin serialization in Shueisha's V Jump Magazine, on April 21, 2022. This spinoff will be about the Duel Monsters featured in the card game. Fans familiar with the cards will know that each of them features stats and background info about the characters so players understand the most effective ways to battle with them. As of now, it's not clear what the name of the new manga series will be.

To better understand the Duel Monsters, the series will focus on each of their origins. In addition to this new series, readers will continue to get new chapters of the Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Structures manga that helps people learn how to play the card game. This manga began in June 2019.

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Is there a new 'Yu-Gi-Oh!' anime?

Luckily, the good news doesn't stop with the manga. There's a new Yu-Gi-Oh! anime coming as well titled Yu-Gi-Oh! Go Rush!! It begins airing on April 3, 2022, in Japan. For now, there's no word if or when the show will make it to the U.S. It follows the story of young twins Yuuhi and Yuamu Ohdo as they search for aliens.

One day, the two actually do meet an alien named Yudias from the Velgear Star Cluster. It's this new intergalactic friend who introduces the twins to a new way to duel.

In a teaser, we don't get to see much besides what the three main characters look like and the beginning of a duel. As of now, not much else is known about the anime. It is assumed, however, that the previous Yu-Gi-Oh! spinoff, SEVENS, will be ending soon and will be replaced with this one.

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