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Kellyanne Conway Sinks To A New Low In Defending Trump's Treatment Of Women

Kellyanne Conway Sinks To A New Low In Defending Trump's Treatment Of Women
12 months ago

Kellyanne Conway seems to always be going to bat for President Donald Trump (shown in a dramatic re-telling below).

The President set forth a couple of really inflammatory and heinous  tweets on Thursday, attacking the hosts of Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough,  and Mika Brzezinski, who are long-time critics of Trump.

Trump clearly feels the need to throw some extra shade at Mika:  commenting on an alleged cosmetic surgery of hers, throwing in that she  has a low IQ, and calling her crazy; while only referring to Scarborough  as "Psycho Joe."

Not to mention the subtle implication that she solicited sex from the President whilst in Mar-A-Lago alongside her co-host.

When asked for comment, Kellyanne Conway flipped the issue on its head.

Conway refused to respond to claims that the President was sexist,  and instead brought up the women who serve-oh, whoops, sorry; the women  he raised and the woman he is married to, as an example of how he is not  sexist.

"I'm a mother of four small children...his daughter has children...his  two daughters and his wife are three of the strongest, most intelligent,  most courageous women I've ever met," Conway explained.

When pressed for direct comment on the topic, Conway simply said: "As a  woman who knows him and works for him, I'm very pleased at how he treats  women in this workplace, the White House."

Hmmm...I guess no matter what she may have let slip, Trump's gonna tweet  and we are all going to keep in the back of our minds that the people  he's tweeting about, especially if they are not rich white men, deserve  better.

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