Man Makes Nazi Salute On Camera, Gets Immediately Punched In The Face



Rule #1: don't be a racist moron if you don't want to suffer the consequences that racist morons are usually subjected to.

Rule #2: if you choose to be a racist moron, understand that the rest of the world is not on your side and that you're going to have to deal with the side effects of this. Yes you have freedom of speech and the freedom to say and do whatever you want, but there will be a reaction from other people to your racist moronism.

Rule #3: don't do a Nazi salute. Don't think Nazi thoughts, and don't say Nazi things. Just don't. 

Unfortunately, not everyone follows these simple rules. For example, these guys:

It should be said that in present-day Germany, Nazi paraphernalia and salutes are against the law. But these are American citizens parading around, happy to use these images and salutes to terrorize other people. 

But people have their own way of responding to these kinds of things. Some people punch, as this guy found out recently while a camera was trained right on him.

Punching Nazis has been the response for many who despise these neo-Nazis' hateful ideology ever since the punching of white supremacist leader Richard Spencer went viral.

A tactic this user enthusiastically supports.

The idea being that the white supremacist Nazi ideology is by definition a violent hateful ideology deserving of violence in return. 

For instance, six white supremacists surrounding an unarmed man and beating him with clubs is violence.

Wherever you come down on punching Nazis, however, we should all be able to agree that a Nazi driving his automobile into a crowd of peaceful protesters is terrorism and should be called out as such, particularly by the leader of the free world.

There shouldn't be any ambiguity about that.

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