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The Internet Is Fascinated By This Promposal Sign No One Can Figure Out

The Internet Is Fascinated By This Promposal Sign No One Can Figure Out
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1 year ago

The trend of elaborate promposals meant to go viral online has definitely reached its saturation point. The world does not need to know you have a crush on the girl in your homeroom, just ask her out and shuffle out onto the gym floor without involving YouTube, please. 

That's what makes this sweet promposal from teen Twitter user Marlen Williams such a palate cleanser. Williams made a special sign to ask the girl he likes to prom, and it went viral completely unexpectedly! Why? Well, not to be rude, but look at it:

Seriously, what in the world does this mean:

If you are baffled, you're not alone. These two kids standing behind their inscrutable sign have been retweeted thousands of times, as everyone scratches their head over the mystery:

A couple of people tried to explain what they thought was going on, but Marlen denied their efforts, which makes it even more confusing:

Aside from the mixed up typography, comprehension depends on how much you know about basketball positions. Marlen appears to be a ball player, though it's unclear (surprise!) if his lady is or not. This Photoshop job seems to be the most likely interpretation:

Hmm, still means nothing to me, but I guess if they're both point guards or something, it makes sense, because balls go in hoops and you gotta score on prom night? Ultimately, all that matters is that these two cuties have got a date to prom. You can speak your own special language as long as the person you love gets it. Like these two:


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