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Jealous Wife Asks Internet For Help After Doing Something 'Unforgivable' To Her New Husband

Jealous Wife Asks Internet For Help After Doing Something 'Unforgivable' To Her New Husband
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8 months ago

If you've ever visited the subreddit, r/relationships on Reddit, it's filled with some decent relationship advice, sometimes.

Oftentimes it's packed with horrible stories of cheating and abuse, with plenty of encouraging stories from strangers and internet friends to help people through a tough time.

But sometimes, there are stories where the person looking for advice messed up big time, and they end up getting reamed out as a result. This is one of those stories. It involves a a new couple, a late wife, and an insane jealousy of that late wife that caused a rift in the new couple's relationship. It was so egregious, it became Twitter famous.

The post was removed from Reddit, but the comments live on. Thankfully, someone screencapped it. Here it is in full:

That's right, Mrs. New Wife was so jealous of her husband's dead, awesome former wife that she threw away all memories of her and now her husband's understandably pissed off, especially because she's destroyed the memories of her for not only him, but his daughter.

On Reddit, the responses to her post ranged from brutally honest, to just brutal.

And people on Twitter were just as unforgiving.

Some people weren't convinced that she was sorry at all.

Others know exactly how the daughter feels.

Others are convinced that their relationship is pretty much donezo.

The fact that she claims it was an act that she did "without thinking" gave people pause as well.

Others are already claiming this is the worst r/relationships story to have ever surfaced on the subreddit.

Judging from the replies to the tweet and the original poster's story, it seems that no one is really siding with the original poster. Do you think she deserves some kind of sympathy? Or was what she did unforgivable?

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