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Girl Shares Her Boyfriend's Request After She Told Him She Was Showering And It's Too Pure



Dating is hard — especially when there are so many trolls on Tinder and similar dating apps. Especially when you have guys who think the lyrics to a Smashmouth song make for good conversation, or you have girls matching with as many guys as possible in order to bring them all together and have them to compete to win a date with her. Yes, that really happened. 

At this point, we're not surprised that girls just want a guy with both kidneys and lungs.  

However, some people get lucky and  encounter a love so sweet, it brings you hope for the future of romance in general. Love is real!

Meet Sarah and Juan, who seem to absolutely adore each other. Here is some backstory on our favorite couple on the internet. It turns out Juan helped Sarah when she was going through a really hard time in her life. 

Their relationship is going viral, ever since Sarah posted a text from Juan after she told him she was getting in the shower. He didn't want nudes, but he did want something extremely specific:

The tweet was wildly popular, so Juan gave himself a pat on the back:

But he eventually conceded she was, too:

Ah, a lover's spat! How quickly viral fame divides.

Nah, they're as in love as ever, and everyone on the Internet hopes they stay that way. Forever!

Sarah says the question wasn't out of nowhere. She's sent him a hair fin pic before, which she has since made into her Twitter avatar.

Source: Twitter

It's all really too cute for words, but folks still found some:

Love makes you feel like you're singing in the shower:

And sharing those pics keeps the excitement alive!

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