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Source: istock/distractify

Guy Sums up the Texts Replies Girls Give When They're Mad and It's Perfect

By Mustafa Gatollari

Modern communication is all about emojis and texts, leading to a generation of carpal tunnel, thumb-twitching, forward-leaning, screen-tapping messengers who view phone calls as monstrous, unappealing chores.

There are pros and cons to this type of communication. The pros are that there's really no "What did you just say?" type of action going on in whatever discourse you find yourself currently engaged in. If you want to know what someone just said, simply re-read the message.

You can also sneak messages in during movies, other conversations with people, or standing online somewhere, without the fear of someone else honing in on your conversation (unless they're a rubber-necking creep) or having to hear what you're saying.