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CeeLo Is Now Internet's Newest Meme After Showing Up To The Grammys Dipped In Gold

By Omar Rimawi

Men generally have the upper hand in basically all factors of life, but one place they get short shrift is fashion. Let's face it, women's fashion offers way more fun and a lot more ground for creativity. But CeeLo Green is changing all that. In fact, I'd argue nobody at this year's Grammys had more fun and creativity go into their outfit than the Gnarls Barkley singer, who came ready to outshine every gramaphone statue they handed out that night. Dressed in head-to-toe gold with his skin also gilded, the "Crazy" singer was not to be outshone by anyone. 

Naturally, the internet being how the internet is, there were some hilarious responses to CeeLo Gold and his glittering appearance.

Award shows are held to a really high standard nowadays. Having a handful of the greatest entertainers the world has to offer perform just doesn't cut it anymore.