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Guy Edits Himself Into Band's Wikipedia Page To Sneak Into VIP Lounge


File this one under "so crazy it just might work." Remembering that basically anyone can edit a Wikipedia page but that, for some reason, people still trust it as a source for information, a bloke in Manchester elevated his status to that of a celebrity by making it look like he was a family member to someone in the band. Rather than being mad at him, the band, The Sherlocks, seem impressed with his resourcefulness!

Regular concert goers know the importance of arriving early at a venue when there isn't any assigned seating. After all, no one wants to get stuck in the very back of a GA show, craning to see the stage over everyone's bobbing heads and cell phone lights. This is infinitely more important if the band playing happens to be popular in your area because you know the place is bound to be packed.