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Woman Tweets Warnings After Lost iPhone Reveals Everything About Owner

By Mark Pygas

We think because it takes a six-digit code and a unique fingerprint to unlock them that our phones are secure when they're out of our hands, but it turns out that's far from true unless you go into your security settings and make a few key changes. It seems, otherwise, Siri may be telling strangers a lot more about you than she should if they ask the right questions. If a bad person gets a hold of it they could find out your first and last name, where you live, who your friends are and more. Scary. 

One woman discovered this after finding someone's lost iPhone and asking Siri some questions to try to locate the owner. Turns out she was able to find out a little too much about her Thankfully, in this case, the person who found the phone was an honest good Samaritan! Read on for her cautionary tale and what you should do to make sure your phone is secure no matter whose hands it should fall into.

Twitter user afronomics recently found a lost iPhone and decided to dig into the information available on the lock screen to see if she could identify the owner. You'd think that the information you could find while a phone is locked would be limited, but as it turns out, that's far from the truth.