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Flint Is Trying To Charge 8,000 People For Not Paying Their Water Bills

By Mustafa Gatollari

Thanks to bureaucracy, all sorts of wild things can happen. A man whose house was paid in full could receive a notice of foreclosure from a bank trying to seize his property. Or because a bank's automated system misreads a check, you could get $10,600 deducted from your bank account instead of $1,600, which is exactly what happened with me.

Whenever bureaucracy and money are involved, it seems like citizens are always on the losing end. They can dole out fines to you willy-nilly, but the second you're trying to get money when the city made a mistake or didn't cover up a pothole for two years that busted one of your rims despite the fact that you pay your taxes, well, good luck getting that money.

And in what's probably one of the most twisted examples of bureaucracy screwing people over, some 8,000 citizens of Flint may now lose their homes.