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Restaurant Servers Share Tricks They Use to Get You to Spend More Money


Let me kick this off by saying restaurant servers in the U.S. do not make nearly the amount of money they should. Restaurants get around wage laws because their servers make tips, and that's super unsavory and terrible. So, tip your restaurant servers! At least 20 percent! They deserve it!

Quora is a question-based site where people can ask about something they've always been curious about, and others will chime in with answers. So when someone asked about tricks restaurant servers use that most people don't even notice, some former waitstaff offered fascinating answers. These tricks are so subtle, you probably don't even notice them. They are teeny tiny tactics designed to make your experience more enjoyable, ensure generous tips, and maybe even encourage you to buy another round of drinks. 

1. The light touch

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One way servers can "dramatically increase their tips," according to Ray Lancaster, is to lightly touch the arm of the person most likely to pay. The gesture might even be so subtle that you don't consciously register it. But it's just another way that servers connect with restaurant patrons.