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The 'Black Tape Project' Is A NSFW Trend That Has Women Wearing Nothing But Tape

By Mustafa Gatollari

There's something about clubbing culture that seems to bring out the worst in people. And Instagram's the perfect medium for this.

Like yeah, looking good and dressing up is amazing. If you worked for years and sacrificed to attain a beautifully sculpted body, that's awesome. But decking it out in weird clothes and paying for overpriced bottles of liquor in a funkily-lit room just so you could snap some photos in Instagram and feel like a boss is super duper lame, in my opinion.

I'm not saying don't go out and have a good time, after all, clubbing can be totally fun sometimes. I just think that there are some people who take the whole "fabulous nightlife" thing in the wrong direction and go for the appearance that they're having a good time more than they're actually enjoying life and truly having a great time.