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Five Guys Officially Replaces In-N-Out As America's Favorite Burger Chain

Five Guys Officially Replaces In-N-Out As America's Favorite Burger Chain
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Updated 2 months ago

If I could eat any food without the fear of gaining weight, I'd say that the majority of my diet would consist of cheeseburgers. Something about melted cheese and meat and mayo and ketchup and tomatoes and all other sorts of fixins carefully assembled on a warm and shiny bun just sexually awakens my stomach, if that makes any sense.

And when it comes to anything that anyone's passionate about, people hold strong opinions. Now, I definitely have my preferred burger spots , depending on what kind of burger I'm in the mood for. If I want something big and pickly, I'd say Tops Diner's Jimmy Lee Burger is tough to beat. But if we're talking about burger chain burgers, then it's really hard to go wrong with Jake's Wayback.

But when you're talking about the quintessential, hands down, everyone will probably love it, "best burger" you've got to start throwing around the big names in the conversation.

And when it comes to big names, it doesn't get much bigger than In-N-Out Burger.

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The first time I had In-N-Out was when I got really sick while traveling to California. A friend of mine took my sniffling, watery-eyed, head cold self to the closest one located near Inland Empire a few hours after I landed. Even through my gross nose and clogged sinuses, I could tell that the first bite I took of that burger was special.

I kid you not, the more I ate, the better I felt. By the time I finished my double-double animal style, it felt like a plug was removed from my nose. I took a few sips of soda and my sinuses were cleared within minutes. Now, it's most certainly a coincidence, but you have to understand that the first time I ate a burger from this place I felt deathly ill and I looked terrible. Then, minutes after eating one, I felt magically healed. So my love for In-N-Out is strongly tied to what I call a miracle.

So when Five Guys replaced In-N-Out Burger as America's favorite burger chain in a recent poll, I, along with many other people, were very, very upset.

I'm an East Coast guy, born and bred, but even I'll admit that In-N-Out is the clear winner over Five Guys any day of the week. 

Naturally, Californians were upset with the fact that the West Coast burger chain was number two on the list. Some even revoked their US identity.

Others responded simply by posting photos of their delicious looking In-N-Out meals.

However, there were some poor, lost souls who actually preferred Five Guys to In-N-Out. I know. I know. Forgive them, for they know not what they do.

Food media outlet Eater has taken a particularly strong stance in favor of In-N-Out. Delish on the one hand, attributes Five Guys' victory to their fries.

Eater explained that Five Guys' victory is most likely due to the fact that In-N-Out is only available in select locations around the country as it's a closely-controlled, family-owned business that focuses on well-managed and carefully developed expansions.

According to Business Insider, the must-be-flawed study tracks the preferences of those polled across a number of categories, including overall quality and brand familiarity. As one vice president of The Harris Poll says in a statement to Business Insider, that second part β€” national recognition β€” has been a boon for Five Guys over the years as they expanded from the Eastern Seaboard across the country. In-N-Out, meanwhile, remains family-oriented and small by comparison, tackling expansion much more judiciously and sticking primarily to the West Coast and Southwest. 

A sentiment that users on Twitter echoed, as well.

Anyone think the In-N-Out lovers have a point? Or is Five Guys truly deserving of America's best burger title? To be honest, though, everyone's leaving Shake Shack out of the conversation. Although they're a little on the richer tasting and fatty side, those joints have been my ultimate jam as of late and as sacrilegious as it may sound, I think even I prefer them to In-N-Out now. Must be the East Coast in me.

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