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This Instagram Fitness Trend Is Nicknamed 'Alien Yoga' And It Will Terrify You

This Instagram Fitness Trend Is Nicknamed 'Alien Yoga' And It Will Terrify You
Updated 1 year ago

Think flexible yogis are sexy? Well, did you know they can apparently do something with their stomachs that's out of a freakin' horror movie?

It's called Nauli, but it's apparently gotten the nickname "Alien Yoga," according to the Independent. And you can see why:

The move supposedly helps massage internal organs, strengthening the core and aiding digestion. But it also looks like simply a fun way to scare people!

To do the move, you apparently first exhale, pushing your stomach out, according to Yoga Journal. While holding your breath, you then pull your abs up toward the chest. Then you isolate your abs and roll them from side to side. "This Nauli is the crown of Hatha practices," says a translation of The Hatha Yoga Pradipika. "It kindles a weak gastric fire, restores the digestion, always brings happiness, and dries up all defects and diseases." 

Though modern, Western versions of yoga usually don't teach the move, in some classical Yoga classes nauli is one of the first things you learn, according to nauli.org. It's, um, easier said than done. Yoga Journal recommends learning the move from an experienced teacher, especially in order to avoid injuries.

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