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Tomi Lahren Tells Millennials How To 'Keep A Job' And Gets The Response You'd Expect


There was a time where news pundits were supposed to analyze and deliver the news. Once the slants came and the left and right could be divided into the far left and far right, people like Tomi Lahren who were molded to read scripts that to tell young people 'how it is' became extremely popular because she was a person from an age group every old right winger hated, yet she parroted their words expertly on a platform where not a single soul was present to rebut her statements.

She's regularly ridiculed as her claims and rants became more and more absurd, making it impossible to satirize them  at one point, but she finally moved slightly out of line when she wouldn't endorse the idea of a bunch of old men having a say in what women did with their bodies when it came to abortion. As a result, she was fired from her position at The Blaze and was forced to go under her parents' health insurance while she bummed around looking for work and tweeting nonsense on a regular basis to make sure the Twitter algorithms would favor her once someone decided they'd like a little ratings boost from hiring her and she wanted to put out her work again.

It should then be absolutely no surprise that Tomi Lahren, who is still pandering to right wingers by calling any action taken by people who take a stand for things they believe in, tripped on her own feet yet again.

Over the weekend, dozens of students at the University of Notre Dame walked out of their graduation as Vice President Mike Pence gave a speech to those in attendance. 

And on Monday, Tomi Lahren took to Twitter to condemn the walkout, implying that those who took part would have difficulty holding a job.