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Moms Are Using This Hair Tie Trick To Be Better Parents

By Jaime Lutz

Are you an "angry mom" or "angry dad"?  It's okay: kids kind of suck sometimes. (I almost burned down my parents' house with "science experiments" a truly unforgivable number of times as a kid.) But if you find yourself yelling at your children more than you're comfortable with, the blogger Idealist Mom came up with this great parenting hack that will get you behaving more sweetly to your kids. And all you need is five hair ties. That's right, just 5 simple hair ties that can easily be worn on your wrist so they're ready to go in case of emergency.

Today, I tried something new. Blogger here----> Something that required me to...

Posted by Shauna Harvey on Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The idea is this: each day, you wear five hair ties (or rubber bands) on one of your wrists. If you yell at your child or are unkind in some way, you move one of the hand ties to the other wrist. The goal is not to move any of the hand ties to the other wrist, but if you slip up, you have to do five kind, loving things with your child to make up for the one outburst. "For every bad reaction, it takes five positive reactions to regain a positive relationship," said one Idealist Mom reader, Shauna Harvey, in a viral Facebook post.