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Donald Trump Misspelled A Tweet Again And It Turned Into A Meme


Donald Trump doesn't have the greatest track record when it comes to spelling things correctly on Twitter. Thing is, if you're my friend Joanie that I've had since the 5th grade, it's forgivable because most of us just heart your tweet and move on with our lives. If you're leading of the free world on the other hand like President Donald Trump, well things are a little different.

Spelling is directly tied to one's intelligence thanks to the shared experience of spelling tests we've all had growing up, and spelling a simple word has resulted in you getting roasted by anyone that caught you ever since we were those children. Put yourself on stage in front of the world and also be one of the most powerful leaders on Earth and the results of that roast session tend to get rather amplified.

We've seen some pretty serious (and occasionally petty) reports on Trump's misspelled tweets on a regular basis over the past year or so, but this new one takes the cake and feels like it's going to be a regular reference for years to come. It isn't clear why he doesn't proof any of this tweets before sending them out, often times deleting the misspelled ones and retweeting them again later with spelling and grammar fixes as though the entire world didn't see the original version a few minutes prior.

At the very least, these tweets are coming from his personal Twitter account and not the official presidential account which is monitored by White House staff and really used more for press releases from the White House rather than the unfiltered thoughts of Donald Trump on everything from his opposition to what he thinks of the latest Saturday Night Live episode minutes after it has finished airing.

Donald Trump doesn't have the best record when it comes to proofreading his tweets. He managed to misspell hereby twice, and made a similar mistake with council and counsel. And late last night, Trump published what appeared to be an unfinished tweet in which he spelled what appears to be "coverage" as "covfefe."