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Everyone Wants To Know How Someone Managed To Drive Their Car Onto A Rock

Everyone Wants To Know How Someone Managed To Drive Their Car Onto A Rock
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12 months ago

Have you ever been so embarrassed by something you've done that you've just walked away from the situation rather than admit to it? Well, what happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas. The Southern Command of Nevada's Highway Patrol recently took to Twitter to ask the owner of this abandoned car if they still wanted it...

Honestly, we just want to know how they managed to get it up there in the first place. Sadly, we may never know, because the highway patrol seems convinced that no one is going to own up to this level of stupidity. 

In a statement on Facebook, the highway patrol wrote that the vehicle had to be removed because it was a distraction to drivers. 

"Troopers were called to this scene this morning. The driver of this vehicle leaving edc decided to drive onto a rock. Traffic was backing up from fellow revelers stopping to take pics of the vehicle so Troopers responded to keep traffic moving. There was no one with the vehicle when Troopers responded to the scene."  

One Twitter user claimed that they witnessed the incident, and said that the driver had somehow managed to drive onto the rock. 

The photos have since gone viral on Facebook, and the reaction seems to be pretty universal. 

Hopefully, the owner will come to claim the car, and we'll learn how they pulled this off. 

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