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Source: Flickr: Creative Commons

This Grocery Store Made A Point About Racism By Clearing The Shelves Of Foreign Food


Every time I think of someone extolling the virtues of "American Food", I think of this scene from Talladega Nights. The majority of our chain restaurants, cuisines, and even fast food items that we love all come from another country. Hamburgers, hot dogs, heck, even Apple Pie isn't traditionally American. Sure, our country always manages to put an American twist on it. American style Chinese food is nothing like the meals you'd find in the Hunain province in China, and our Tex-Mex is closer to "Texas" than "Mexico" by a longshot.

But there are still some people who want to loudly and proudly decry any other country or culture's cuisine, and that is kind of stupid. So stupid, in fact, a grocery store is showing its customers just how stupid it is.

A German supermarket called Edeka turned it's Hamburg location into a demonstration about the isolating and limiting effects of racism. Metro UK reports that the shelves were cleared of all products and produce that came from foreign countries, which left things sadly bare.

They then placed signs in those empty spaces that read things like "this shelf is quite boring without diversity"and "our selection knows borders today," all pointing to how people's everyday lives are influenced in ways they don't recognize by people outside of their culture: