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Ben Affleck Apologizes To Former MTV VJ For Groping Her Breasts On TRL

Ben Affleck Apologizes To Former MTV VJ For Groping Her Breasts On TRL
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9 months ago

The "open secret" of Harvey Weinstein's sexual misconduct in Hollywood and abuse of power has actors and actresses speaking out, both male and female. 

Rose McGowan, known for her work on the long-running series Charmed, has not only been recently vocal about producer Harvey Weinstein's alleged treatment of young actresses, but may have hinted at it a year prior. The actress was temporarily banned from Twitter for telling Ben Affleck to "f**k off" when the Academy Award winning Director released this statement regarding Weinstein.

McGowan alleges that Affleck knew of Weinstein's behavior when she told him, years ago, that the powerful producer sexually assaulted her. 

And one woman is coming out, former MTV VJ Hilarie Burton, reminding fans of Ben Affleck's behavior towards her on a live recording of TRL.  

Twitter user Shanice Brim brought up Affleck's actions in response to McGowan's tweet, when Burton replied saying that she still remembers the actor tweaking her breast on television.

Which started a conversation on just how scary/sad Affleck's actions were:

Burton tweeted the full episode along with a message to all the women who are coming out in the wake of Weinstein's "outing."

Burton's story must've reached Affleck, who publicly apologized on Twitter for his conduct with the former VJ.

Which some people appreciated.

And others, didn't.

The sincerity of Affleck's apology is definitely something up for debate, however, people making light of Burton's experience and claiming that Affleck shouldn't have to apologize, is unbelievably sad.

I have a feeling there are going to be a lot more powerful men in Hollywood who will be outed now that someone as high-up-the-ladder as Weinstein's been disavowed. 

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