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Source: Warner Bros

If Robert Pattinson Is the New Batman, What Happened to Ben Affleck?


Holy here we go again, Batman! It seems like DC will never be done adding more celebrities to their Batman roster. We've gone from Michael Keaton to Christian Bale (and a whole lot of others in between). But the newest high profile celebrity was Ben Affleck...or at least it was in 2017 when he last wore the suit for Justice League. But 2021 will introduce us to a new Batman, played by the OG sparkly vampire himself, Robert Pattinson. 

While Robert has proven himself to be more than a formidable actor on screen since his Twilight days, this foray in the DCEU will be whole new territory for him. But, by then, it'll only have been four years since we last saw Ben in the iconic role. So why is Ben no longer driving the Batmobile? According to the actor himself, it was his choice to walk away.