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Source: Hannibal Khoury

Russians Reportedly Used Pokemon Go To Stir Controversy In The US


Remember Pokemon Go? The augmented reality game that everyone was really into during the summer of 2016? Well, according to CNN a Russian-linked campaign may have used Pokemon Go, and the Black Lives Matter movement, to influence last year's election. 

Here's how it worked. The Facebook page "Don't Shoot Us," which has since been linked to a Russian troll farm called the Internet Research Agency, asked players to go near locations of police shootings and name their Pokemon after the victim and then place that Pokemon in a Pokemon gym for everyone to see. Players who did this would then be entered in a chance to win an Amazon Gift Card. (There is no evidence of anyone winning this contest.)

As of now, it appears that the idea was that everyone seeing these names would cause conflict between those who took the side of the police and those who took the side of the deceased.