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Source: youtube

Sad Melania Trump Finds Solace In Customer Service Phone Calls In Surprisingly Touching SNL Short


It seems that three days can't go by without Donald Trump being caught doing something absolutely embarrassing and it being plastered all over the news. Along with his randomly angry Tweets, the President is known for being an absolutely PR disaster. His team would even go so far to try to hide 'bad' photos of him while he was on the campaign trail. It definitely didn't stop people from showing the hilarious angles of his glued on hair flying off in the wind, or the time he somehow got spray tan all over the color of his shirt making it look like he was sweating tan. So the track record of the President taking good photos isn't exactly good. He's clearly got some issues not making faces too. Remember the campaign trail images of him mocking the reporter with a disability? Or even his look of disgust he constantly had when Hillary Clinton was speaking during the debates. 

But where does that leave the reclusive Melania?

Support for the president may be steadily waning from his constituents, but that hasn't stopped the former reality TV star from popping up in the headlines. And while he does, some people just can't help but feel bad for his wife, Melania.

She's often been the butt of many ruthless jokes.