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Source: Twitter

Twitter User Asks To See All The Weird Things At Your Family's House--And Boy Did People Deliver

By Aimee Lutkin

It's nice to go home for Thanksgiving, but after the turkey is gone and you've been at your parent's house for over 24 hours, you will likely start to get a little restless. Twitter user @Jenndangerous took full advantage of everyone's cabin fever with a simple request: Show me the weird stuff.

Specifically, the weird stuff in your family's home. You know what they're talking about. The cursed dolls, egg cup collections, and terrifying clowns paintings that you tried to ignore growing up, but which still lurk, dusty and neglected, in your folk's house. You visit them every holiday, but they haunt your mind all year long!

@Jenndangerous was really just tapping into what everyone was thinking about already.