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Source: Kimberly Jones via Facebook

It Looks Like That Kid Who Gets Bullied At School Might Have A Racist Mother

By Aimee Lutkin

On Friday, a woman named Kimberly Jones from Knoxville, Tennessee, posted a video of her son Keaton crying about getting bullied to social media, and the vid went quickly viral. Keaton's heartbreaking pleas for kindness plucked many heart strings. He was invited to the Avengers premiere by Chris Evans, a GoFundMe, which has of now, raised $58,000 and counting, was obviously getting money hand over fist, and celebs everywhere were rallying for Keaton.

Hold up.

It turns out that sticking a camera in your child's face when they're sobbing isn't a hallmark of great parenting. The Root reports that evidence of the Jones family's commitment to their Confederate past via racist flag flying has been surfacing, as well as screenshots of conversations supposedly had with Kimberly, sayings "us whites" need to stick together. It's worth noting that this person is alleging to be Kimberly. That said, it looks very, very bad.