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Fan Tweets Unsettling Deadpool Photo To Ryan Reynolds, And Ryan Just Responded


Actor Ryan Reynolds has a very saucy online presence. In addition to mastering his primary crafts (acting and being crazy handsome), he has also totally mastered the Internet — and we love him for it. Anyone who loves Ryan knows that he loves tweeting and he loves responding to fans, but it is still a very holy day when a Deadpool fan gets a reply.

In the case of @highlandersteve (which is a very good handle, congrats, Steve), the means used to get Reynolds attention were extreme. It involved incorporating a Deadpool action figure, with a seasonal reference, plus some ultra-violence. All in all, an amazing combination of things when you're trying to make a tweet go viral (and you know, getting love from Ryan freakin' Reynolds helps too). 

Anyway, behold Elf-On-The-Shelf getting stabbed by a super hero — a true masterpiece of a tweet:

Graphic, sure, but also pretty undeniably awesome, right? Elf-On-The-Shelf is basically a toy that teaches kids it is normal to be constantly surveilled and judged, if you ask me. So that little guy was always going to have a weird ending, IMO.