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Source: Twitter

Justin Bieber Is Getting His Own Museum Exhibit — And We're Intrigued


As an American, I occasionally forget that Justin Bieber is Canadian, because he's been here awhile and makes a scene wherever he goes. But the good people of Stratford, Ontario have not forgotten. In fact, they're enshrining the Biebs with his own museum, entitled "Steps to Stardom." 

Everything we know about Justin Bieber began with a single step, somewhere in Ontario.

It's actually more of an exhibit or showcase added onto the Stratford Perth Museum, according to local news organization CP24. General manager John Kastner told reporters that they've been accumulating old Bieber memorabilia to fill out the show for some time.

“Somebody said, 'I have those drums.' So, we reached out to that person — well, they weren't the right drum set,” Kastner said.

A lot of the items were handed over by Bieber's grandparents, Diane and Bruce Dale, and include Bieber's Grammy Award, his old microphones, his Stratford Warriors hockey jacket, and letters, one of which is from Michelle Obama. Can you imagine being so famous that you just throw a letter form Michelle Obama up in your grandparent's attic next to your Grammy? Casual. Such is life when you're Justin Bieber, I guess. 

It's not just his family, but Bieber himself who is down with the exhibit: