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22 Of The Worst 'Bad Teacher' Stories These Adults Still Remember



When you're a kid, adults seem to have total control over your lives wherever you go. If you're lucky, you have parents you love and can stand being around. But in school, you never know what you're gonna get and it changes from period to period. Maybe a teacher will change your life for the better or maybe they'll be nothing but an extremely hostile babysitter to 30 rambunctious middle schoolers.

If you had a bad run-in with a lousy teacher, it might haunt you forever, even when you're a grown adult who has moved on to better things. For some reason, an authority figure saying or doing something mean sticks with you. This was proven true when Twitter user and Cartoon Network employee Marie Lum asked her followers if they had any anecdotes about things their teachers had done long ago that still bothered them today: "What's something a teacher did that still makes you mad?"

But first she shared hers.

"In history, we had to write down as many terms about Pearl Harbor that we could think of, in like three minutes. I wrote down 'east wind rain' (Pearl Harbor winds code) as one of mine, but my teacher didn't know what that was so he made fun of me in front of the entire class," she tweeted.

For what it's worth, Marie, he sounds like a doofus.

Gasp! Horrible, but not surprising. Lots of other people had their own very specific, very annoying encounters with bad teachers, who did everything from tie them to the desk to insist they were spelling their own names wrong:

Any of these stories remind you of someone mean holding a ruler??

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