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Source: instagram

Model Calls out Huda Beauty for Using Her Face to Talk About Removing Acne Scars

By Mustafa Gatollari

Although looking absolutely glow-tastic and slay-tacular is not a new human phenomenon, thanks to Instagram, there seems to be even greater pressure for everyone and their mom to look like a model 24/7, all of the time.

And that includes giving off the illusion that your skin is flawless and blemish-free.

Although we know that a ton of work goes into the Instagram posts that we lowkey adore and are jealous of, feeling self-conscious is super easy. Especially when there are certain things about your body that you can't change. Which is why there are so many accounts out there that are trying to make people feel a bit more positive about their bodies, like Em Ford's MyPaleSkinBlog.