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People Are Sharing the Unromantic Ways Their Partners Show Love — and It's Too Pure


If you're single, now is a good time to step away from the computer. Writer and avid Tweeter Hattie Gladwell asked her followers to share the one thing their partner does that's not "romantic" but makes you love them even more — and the responses were low-key depressing. 

And by depressing I mean, they had me jumping on Tinder and swiping until I found the one who might run me a bath every night and put the kettle on in the morning, just like Hattie's boo. But honestly, the thread exploded with hundreds of people sharing the tiny ways their significant others express their love on a daily basis. 

From a husband braiding his wife's hair before bed (is this real?) to eating slower so they can finish their meals together, these couples are the definition of #relationshipgoals. Ladies and gentlemen, take notes. 

1. Stick to sweet nicknames.

Source: Twitter

What's in a name? This guys knows the secret to keeping the magic alive after over a decade together. And if you're wondering if he has nicknames for all the ladies in his life, @JuilierMrs clarified, "He calls our daughter, nieces, sisters, moms and aunts by their actual names."