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Source: YouTube

This "Photoshop Surgeon" Who Turns Old People Young Again Is Pure Magic


In a world where pretending like you're fabulous online for millions of dollars is the name of the game, there's still something to be said of people who possess actual talents, like the talent held by the individual who calls themselves the Photoshop Surgeon.

The amount of time, patience, personal investment, and interest that goes into being this skilled in a computer program is mind-boggling. Personally, I've just started understanding how layering works in Photoshop, but the PS Surgeon here is able to convincingly paint portraits of what older people looked like in their youth.

The thing about the Surgeon's videos is that they aren't just simple air-brush jobs — there are tons of people who can do that. What the Photoshop surgeon does is painstakingly remove all wrinkles and soften areas of older people's faces to paint an accurate representation of what they looked like when they were younger.