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These Memes Will Accurately Describe Your Crazy Friend During Libra Season

By Gabrielle Bernardini

As summer comes to an end, and we transition into the fall, you may be feeling more ... well, feelings. Your emotions may be starting to run a little higher. You're questioning all of your decisions with a thorough eye. You are feeling the need to try to find harmony in your life. If you're also constantly questioning why you're life is lacking balance, don't fret, we're in Libra season. You know, the astrological sign whose symbol is a picture of a balanced scale. 

Many of us throughout our lives are constantly trying to figure out how to keep that ideal balance between work and life, boyfriend and friends, school and parties, but you may start to be feeling some added pressure to get your life in order. Finding balance is not easy task, but Libra season definitely puts you on the right path. On Sept. 23, the sun will start to move out of Virgo and into Libra, spanning until Oct. 22. 

It may be Libra season, but this transition affects every astrological sign; however, Libras will be feeling this period a lot more. If your Libra friend seems a little bit extra this month, don't be too hard on them. But get ready as this air sign may be more indecisive than usual. If someone seems a little more self-centered throughout this next month, don't worry, that too shall pass ... hopefully.