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Source: Instagram/Distractify

This Father's Post Got a Dad Brigade Asking for Changing Tables in Men's Rooms

By Mustafa Gatollari

My family comes from a pretty patriarchal, male-dominated culture where the dad's role in child-rearing is more about financial security and discipline. It doesn't include stuff like changing diapers.

It's something my own father and I talked about recently, and he said that he was happy I ultimately bucked the trend — I'm all about cleaning up poopsplosions for my infant daughter and even changed my son's first diaper when he was born. I took it as a point of pride.

And although my mother-in-law and wife did an amazing job of potty-training my son at an early age, I do remember when he and I would have our own days out and he was rocking diapers, it was always annoying to find a spot where I could change him that wouldn't offend people.