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17 Stories of People Who Defended Their Homes Against Intruders That Are Both Inspiring and Terrifying


As a child of the '90s, I grew up watching 20/20 with my parents every Friday night. Barbara Walters and Hugh Downes would share terrifying stories of people who were struck by lightning, or attacked in a movie theater, or survived home invasions. The show taught me at the ripe age of 6 or 7 to always triple-check that every single door was bolted if I was home alone.

It also taught me not to lock the door as soon as I arrive to my house alone — as one can never be too sure that the house is empty. Rather, I've grown used to slamming the front door shut, checking all my "hiding spots" (under the bed, inside the closet) and then finally returning to lock the front door.

And if you're thinking I'm just being extra about my safety, a) I'm super self-aware, thank you and b) I've never (knock on wood) had to deal with an unwanted visitor, thank you again. 

But that doesn't mean I'm not absolutely enthralled with scary home invader stories (any SVU fans out there?), especially the ones with happy endings. People on reddit came together to share the times they defended their homes against intruders, and the accounts are simultaneously inspiring and terrifying.

Save these 17 stories for a time when you're not home alone in bed freaking yourself out at weird sounds. The key takeaway, in my opinion? If you don't live with your dad, adopt yourself a guard dog. Stat.

1. "I knew I would die before I would let him through that door"

Source: istock
September 1998. I am a 22-year-old mom, at home on the computer in the front room while my kid napped in the adjoining room.
Front door swings open and a Hispanic guy, around 5'6" and 180 walks in. I wasn't initially alarmed as we had a Hispanic family move in a few doors up the street recently and I figured he was in the wrong place.
I tell him calmly he is looking for the other house, he gives no inclination of understanding. I more forcefully tell him and again nothing.
At this point, I am getting alarmed. I am tiny (5'3", 90 pounds at the time) and the room is a simple office, not a lot of weapons.
The third time I yell for him to get out. My biggest fear is waking the kid who hasn't been sleeping long. For some reason I looked at the kid's closed door when I yelled and the intruder followed my gaze.
Then he took a step towards my kid's room. In that moment I knew I would die before I would let him through that door. A quick survey of my surroundings reminded me I had scissors in my pencil cup on the desk.
I buried those scissors so far into his abdomen I cut my own hand on the handle. Then I jerked them towards me as hard as I could. Blood went everywhere. His eyes got huge and then he ran back out the door.
The police followed the blood trail for several blocks but assume he was picked up when the trail stopped. They sent an officer to every hospital in the area but he never went for treatment. I had to have HIV tests for two years after since our blood mingled. No idea what happened to him but he lost a lot of blood.
To this day I lock my door even if I am just going to the car. My kid still rolls his eyes when I tell him I would hurt someone intending to do him harm.

- NeuroticLoofah