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Source: getty

Everything You Need to Know About This Year's Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree


New Yorkers aren't known to be the most pleasant people around, and even the sight of the gorgeous Rockefeller Christmas tree — seriously, how tall is it anyways? — won't do much to curtail a city native for mumbling something about tourists if you get in their way while admiring the towering, evergreen conifer.

And although I've been late to meetings and events thanks to a combination of MTA unreliability and slow-footed tourists, and even though I've seen the Rockefeller Center tree dozens of times, even I have to admit the thing is pretty awe-inspiring.

If you just let that Christmas cheer in, and are maybe under the influence of a little something of your choice, gazing at the lights on this annual masterpiece can make you feel all warm and fuzzy. And it's been having that effect on people for a very long time, since 1933 to be exact.

Here's a few things you should know about the 86th tree to go up in New York City that'll soon be the toast of everyone's Instagram account.