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Source: instagram

Ariel Winter Shuts Down Troll Who Said She Lost Weight With Cocaine and Meth


Time was on the internet when the most scandalous piece of Ariel Winter news around was that she played a character in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. But those days are long gone. The Modern Family actress has been the target of online trolls after she decided to more openly celebrate her body. She's also been engaged in some bitter, public back-and-forth drama with her mother, Chrystal Workman.

Although it's jarring for some to see their favorite childhood stars grow up, even more so if they're the parents of said childhood star, we have to remember that adults are capable of making their own decisions. If we have the gall to tell someone what pictures they should post on social media or how they should dress, we should expect a sassy response.

This troll apparently didn't get the memo, though. Instagram user @coque714 thought it'd be a good idea to comment on a New Year's Eve post Ariel put up of her and her boo.

It all started with a comment by @peter_b91, who cheekily reprimanded Ariel for "drinking underage." Ariel cleared that up, saying she was only posing with the glass of champagne to toast others who were celebrating.