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If You Got Stabbed By A Pencil And Have A Mark, So Does Everyone Else



We all did some pretty dumb things as kids, believing we were immortal and oblivious to just how dangerous the world actually is. Seriously, who thought lawn darts were a good idea? But by far one of the dumbest trends when I was a kid was intentionally stabbing yourself, or willing others, with incredibly sharp pencils. 

The scars from getting stabbed by a pencil will last into adulthood, and apparently most people have one or two. Twitter user Los_Writer recently took to the social media platform to see if anyone else had a battle wound. 

And as it turns out, pretty much everyone seems to have a pencil mark. This user had one in a pretty unique spot...

This one seems deserved if i'm going to be honest.


It's because he liked her back. 

Welcome to the group, friend. 

How do you forget getting stabbed in the forehead exactly?

That sounds like a close one. 

Yu-Gi-Oh was serious business, people. 

Others got them in places you wouldn't really expect. 

Where's your pencil mark? 

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