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Source: twitter

These Dads Did It: It's Now Illegal in NYC to Have Men's Rooms Without Changing Tables

By Mustafa Gatollari

I know plenty of dads who don't change diapers out in public, and it isn't just because they're super grossed out by baby poop — it's because of a frustrating lack of changing tables in men's rooms.

That means if daddy and baby want to have a day out together, they usually have to put a blanket on the floor to change a diaper, which is nasty. It's bad enough cleaning up poop and pee, but to do it on a disgusting public bathroom floor, besides? Blargh.

Some dads devised different methods, like Donte Palmer, who perfected his "Baby Squat" so he could lay his son across his legs and change a diaper no matter where he was. This isn't a perfect method: poo-poo and pee-pee will inevitably get on your pants, but dads aren't afforded many options in public restrooms, since most men's rooms  are hopelessly devoid of changing tables.

So Donte started the #SquatForChange campaign to get some awareness for the struggle dads face when trying to change their kids' diapers in public. Palmer's case isn't unique: there've been way too many viral stories that caught like wildfire because people are just fed up with the lack of baby accommodations for dads.