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Source: istock

Woman Turns Inappropriate Text From Jiffy Lube Guy Into a "Teachable Moment"


Matters of the heart are difficult, especially in modern times. Since everyone's packing a smartphone these days with a variety of messaging and social media apps to choose from, if you come across someone that tickles your fancy, creeping on them is all too easy. But even the most avid internet stalkers usually know there's a line you don't cross.

Looking at someone's public photos and checking their statuses is one level, and I'd argue most people are guilty of this. The next level is DMing or messaging someone out of the blue on one of these social media platforms. If they don't respond, you cut your losses and move on, or never get over it and decide love is dead for you forever. A bit extreme, but hey, it's your life and you can do what you want.

Then there are people who cross the line and get a hold of someone's phone number and then text them out of nowhere. That's when things get uber-creepy. It's bad enough when they get your number from a friend and hit you up, but it's even worse when they go to more extreme lengths. Like, let's say, by accessing your customer account information at an auto body shop.