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Source: cbs

Guy Figures Out Lottery "Hack" and Walks Away With $26 Million


Jerry and Marge Selbee might as well be unicorns: they're multiple lottery winners.

But their story isn't the typical, "woo-hoo I bought a ticket and now I have all this money and wait now I don't months later and I'm even more depressed than I was before!" It's actually a heck of a lot more interesting than that.

Because Jerry and Marge weren't taking any chances or wishing upon a star when they played.

They knew they were going to win. The only question was, how much.

For them, it was a game of odds, and it all started back in 2003. Jerry had graduated from college with a degree in mathematics and was a pretty clever guy when it came to analyzing numbers, especially odds. So he couldn't help but set the wheels turning in his head when he first heard of a lottery game in his home state of Michigan called Winfall.

Winfall had a "roll down" stipulation: if someone didn't win that $5 million jackpot, the money would be evenly distributed amongst winners who guessed five, four, or three numbers correct.

For many, they'd play their few tickets and hope for the best. But Jerry saw it as a prime opportunity and an exercise in statistical analysis: the more money he put in, the greater profit he'd turn.