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Source: twitter

How Did the Creator of This "Snow Bear" Make Its Belly Button? A Few Theories


An anonymous artist, or group of artists, have left a lot of people in Montreal and all over the internet scratching their heads.

A good work of art has the ability to leave you speechless and sometimes, even dumbfounded. "How did they ever come up with this? How did they even achieve it?"

It's the feeling you get when you see the Mona Lisa, or Starry Night, or this Snow Bear.

The Lachine Canal in Montreal, Canada, was frozen over and covered with snow. Because Canadians possess a superhuman resistance to cold and thrive in an icy climate, someone thought it'd be fun to make a giant snow bear on the canal.

But where it gets interesting is when you look at this added detail in the middle.

With the right clothes and snow shoes, outlining a bear with your feet is a pretty straightforward task. But throwing in a belly button? That's no easy feat. Especially when you consider how large the bear is. There are about six feet, give or take, between the outline of the bear and its navel.

Jumping that, while in snow and decked out in winter clothes, would be a ridiculous feat of athleticism.