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Source: Twitter

These Memes Will (Hopefully) Help You Forget How Freezing It Is Outside


It's getting really cold in the U.S. of A. According to weather reports, an estimated 250 million people (roughly 75 percent of the continental American population) will experience below freezing temperatures this week. 

If you live in the Midwest and Great Lakes regions (Chicago has been fittingly dubbed #Chiberia), temperatures are expected to drop 20 to 40 degrees below zero, a forecast that is already causing extensive flight delays and canceling school completely in some states. It's no surprise that, to laugh off this unbearably cold weather, people are making memes to express how much they miss summer — or wished they lived in Florida. 

So, to avoid going outside and potentially freezing to death in the polar vortex, scroll through these cold weather memes that will hopefully brighten your day: 

1. Global warming isn't r...

Source: Instagram

Fact: Chicago will be colder than Antarctica this week.