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Source: istock

Woman Catches Stranger in Hotel Room, Then Makes a Horrifying Discovery in the Wall


Insert Tamia's "Stranger in my House" reference here. Seriously just play the song to get yourself in a good mood or to have a laugh. You'll need the humor to get over how creepy this story is.

The feeling that you're being watched is one that most people don't want to deal with, unless you're into that sort of thing, that is.

Nor is it a great feeling whenever you're home alone or you think there's a stranger in your house all of a sudden. As someone who grew up in a large family whenever there's a bunch of hustling and bustling about, I start getting the heebie-jeebies just at the thought of being alone.

So I can only imagine how I'd feel if I heard something in my home or hotel room and it turned out there was a person actually there.

Horrifyingly, that exact same thing happened to Victoria Rothe, who was walking to her hotel room with a co-worker. After opening the door, she was shocked to see a woman standing inside carrying a bunch of bags.

Processing what was going on, she assumed that the woman was robbing her. So she asked to check the bags that were full of her personal items and clothing.