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Texas Lawyers Sing Legal Advice In Viral Videos

Texas Lawyers Sing Legal Advice In Viral Videos
1 year ago

There are few things people hate more than getting unsolicited advice. It always comes across as condescending. What people really hate, though, is getting unsolicited legal advice. That is both condescending and boring. 

Fortunately, two lawyers out of Texas, Will Hutson and Chris Harris, have figured out a way to make legal advice fun. They will sing it to you. 

The song above is about your Miranda rights and is chalk full of good advice, like don't say anything and get a lawyer. I mean, sure, they could have just said that, but I think the song is much more fun. Not to mention "If you just start walking, you'll probably go home / But if you start talking, you're probably boned" makes it all easy to remember.

Their most popular video is called "Don't Eat Your Weed" which is good advice in general, but also has legal applications.  

Show of hands, who here knew it was better to let the cops find your weed rather than destroy it? I for sure didn't. And normally if you were to tell me that, I wouldn't care, but you better believe that when I hear "Don't turn a Class B into a felony" I will remember that advice for the rest of my life. 

If you are looking for more legal advice, you should check out Huston and Harris' Youtube Channel, or if you are in Texas and need a lawyer because you failed to take their advice, I am sure they would be happy to take your call.