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26 Safety Violations That Are Equal Parts Dangerous And Hilarious

I used to work for a construction company and the number one rule on the job site was always, "safety first." That is unless you just needed to do something real quick. Or unless you forget. Or if you thought to yourself, "C'mon. What are the chances something will happen?"

In those cases rule of "safety first" was waved and replaced with, "Meh. I'm sure it'll be fine." Sometimes this new rule worked out, but most of the time it did not. 

So, no. I am not surprised any of these things happened. But please don't repeat them at home.

1. Whose idea was this?
How to open a blast door at the bottom of a pit with 250 tons of water behind it using only two guys, a bar and an excavator
2. Next time try standing on the ground.
Demolition Man
3. Why not just push it?
Rollin, Rollin, Rollin, Keep them Bobcats Rollin
4. Sign me up!
A contest that nobody wins. from OSHA
5. I want to get a good look.
'Safe distance' is an extremely important principle  
6. Are you sure you don't have any metal on you?
Someone is getting fired from OSHA
7. Better hurry up.
Sprinting wasn't part of the job description
8. It's a shame that ladders were never invented.
Great Indian working conditions
9. We'll just call it breakage.
We don't need to move everything, I'll just climb up and throw the product down from OSHA
10. What's the worst that could happen?
The hotel I'm staying in is keeping the plastic covers on its fire alarms to keep them newer for longer from OSHA
11. Did you not think of moving that ladder?
Downward Dog from OSHA
12. Of course.
Let me fix that quick
13. I just realized why this was a bad idea.
High Speed Collision
14. Just be sure to close the door behind you.
If we just close the door, no one will know from OSHA
15. This way I won't lose the rope.
Atleast he would not end up with broken bones from OSHA
16. Just promise me you won't turn this on.
No need to lock out, this'll just take a second from OSHA
17. What exactly is your plan here?
They see me rollin 
18. Hey. If it works.
19. I'd just like to know how they got the car in there.
When tow trucks are too expensive and a new paint and other minor repairs aren't from OSHA
20. It was a good attempt.
HMB while I try to break apart this piece of wood
21. What's the big deal? It worked, didn't it?
Always make sure that your life saving equipment works properly.
22. Anyone mind if I remove this very important plank?
Load bearing 2x6 wall. I just dont know what HVAC was thinking. from OSHA
23. Watch where you're going!
24. Hmm...
That's not right, right? from OSHA
25. Who needs ramps?
How to load a skid [x-post /r/BeAmazed] from OSHA
26. I can fit.
Let me Squeeze this Wide Load Through from OSHA